With over 40 years of export-import finance and commercial banking experience, World Trade Consult's principal, John R. Koch, CCE, CICE, is uniquely skilled in assisting your company's need to negotiate competitive trade finance commitments from banks and other lenders. Proper structuring and risk review (including risk transfer and risk retention) as well as preparation of loan/credit requests to submit to banks is critical to winning export, import and domestic sales contracts.

Export-Import Finance: Since 1971, Mr. Koch has worked successfully with the Export Credit Insurance and Export Loan Guarantee Risk Mitigation Programs of the Export-Import Bank of the United States, including their popular Working Capital Loan Guarantee Program for U.S. exporting companies that qualify for such U.S. government assistance. EXIM Bank offers their risk mitigation programs and services for all U.S. exporting companies - small, medium and large. He has especially helped many small and medium-size businesses enter new export markets, sometimes doubling and tripling their export sales with the assistance of the appropriate EXIM Bank programs. The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) also provides export financing targeted to qualifying small businesses, some in conjunction with EXIM Bank.

In addition, for our clients who do not meet the requirements of EXIM Bank programs, Mr. Koch can assist in structuring and obtaining export and import financing commitments from non-bank lenders, such as private sector merchant lenders offering Purchase Order Financing and similar asset-based credit for companies with limited credit resources. His knowledge of supply chains, transaction risk and cash flow analysis simplify credit and other risk decisions for both bank and non-bank lenders.

An expert in Documentary forms of export-import trade payments, such as Irrevocable Letters of Credit and Collections, Mr. Koch can advise your company on the safest, most secure process to structure a trade transaction so that you get paid for what you ship (or service you provide) as and when your invoice calls for payment. He has helped numerous companies protect themselves with appropriate financing (both supplier and buyer credit) and payment protection (using Trade Credit Insurance, Political Risk Insurance and Trade Disruption Insurance).

Domestic ( U.S. ) Trade Finance: Mr. Koch has advised U.S. companies on how to obtain short term and medium-term working capital loans/credit from U.S. banks covering their Domestic (U.S.) trade with U.S. companies. While a commercial banker for 26 years, he routinely arranged short-term working financing that fit his clients' cash flow deficiencies, allowing them to grow sales and profits. For over 10 years, Mr. Koch was a leader in providing medium-term permanent working capital using the 7(a) Loan Program of the U.S. SBA.

Trade Finance Services are provided on a case-be-case basis, subject to the scope of the client's requirements. Services are rendered on a consulting fee basis by prior agreement.