For those clients who wish proven advice and assistance on how to protect their Trade Supply Chains from Disruption or how to write and implement a sound internal Credit Policy, World Trade Consult can help. At heart, we are ‘risk managers' for companies that need to understand first the ‘risk' spectrum of Supply Chains and second what tools and techniques are available to successfully protect against unforeseen losses that can occur along the entire Trade Supply Chain. From raw material purchases to delivery of the final product or service to your customer in the U.S. and abroad, your company's assets are at risk of loss. We work with our client's Logistics, Credit, Finance, Sales, Production and Marketing functions collectively to offer a broad view of Trade Supply Chain Risk perils that can cause losses. It does not matter if you source raw materials from suppliers in China or Chattanooga market and sell your products and services to companies in Baltimore or Brazil and ship your products to Indiana or India, we can help assess and protect against unexpected loss.